The sake is brewed made from the valuable rice produced by Hiroshi Arai, who produce rice by natural cultivation with no fertilizers and no pesticides in the field around Maruyama, surrounded by a village forest in Mitsui Town, Wajima City.
Naturally cultivated rice making is significantly affected by the environment, so it can be harsher than they imagine.
But the naturally cultivated rice that has grown through the process has a flavor of strength and refreshingness like grass.
The sake also reflects the characteristics of naturally cultivated rice and is completed with a clean flavor that can be felt somewhere graceful.
It is a rare sake brewed in the natural rich village of Wajima, Okunoto. (From the sake brewer)

Arai’s rice is not on the market, so it has not been graded.
Just for that reason, this sake cannot be sold as “jummai”.
He didn’t take the grade test for sake because he wanted people to enjoy it just as a sake without dwelling on a specific name.

There are two types of “Okunoto no Shiragiku × Naturally cultivated rice”: “Mukasui(undiluted sake)” and “Kasui(adding water)”.

Mukasui (undiluted sake)

“Mukasui ” is a raw sake made as it is, called “Genshu (undiluted sake)”.
It is characterized by slightly high alcohol content and a robust taste.
It is completely different from the taste of red wine, but Japanese people who like sake say that the impression is common to red wine.
You can enjoy the depth of the taste and the good aftertaste which traditional Japanese sake doesn’t have.
We hope you try it out.

Kasui (adding water)

“Kasui (adding water)” means that the alcohol content is adjusted by adding water after brewing.
The work is normal in the production processes of sake.
The adjustment makes sake more refreshing and easier to drink than mukasui.
If you want to drink lightly, we recommend kasui, not mukasui.

Information of Sake

BlandOkunoto no Shiragiku × Naturally cultivated rice
(奥能登の白菊 × 自然栽培米)
Rice Naturally cultivated rice Koshihikari, Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture
(Producer: Hiroshi Arai)
Rice Polished Rate55%
Alcohol content Mukasui 18% , Kasui 15%
BreweryHakuto Sake Brewey
AddressWajima City, Ishikawa pref.
TojiKiichi Hakuto

Hakuto Sake Brewery