We support “natural sake” in Japanese sake

The Natural Sake Store supports “natural sake” made by the local sake breweries. Furthermore, we contribute to “sake brewery” and “community” by delivering the sakes to many people.

Your drinking of our natural sake can help the protection of the natural environment in the area where it is produced.
The soil of the rice fields in the area will be rich by cultivating sake rice as an ingredient by natural cultivation (pesticide-free, no fertilizer) or organic cultivation (pesticide-free, no chemical fertilizer).
The farmers choose a farming method in consideration of passing the rich land where crops can be continuously cultivated to future generations.
Sake breweries also choose the sake rices as ingredients based on the belief.
Consumers can also agree with the belief by drinking the sakes.

We would hope you drink the sakes and support the people who make them and the communities in Japan where produce.

About Natural Sake Store

Shop NameNatural Sake Store
operating company LitaLink
Address Yoshitomo Building 2F 4-3-11 Nakayamate-dori chuo-ku Kobe-city Japan
Review of Operations ・ EC Sales of Japanese Sake (Japan, EU)
・ Wholesale of sake outside Japan
・ Planning and management of events related to sake
Representative Kenichiro OKA