This is the jummai that is made from 100% of organically sake rice, Hananishiki, produced only in Kumamoto Prefecture.
The sake is provided without filtration so that it can be tasted as it is.
“Sakuya” is a new brand that has been brewed since 2018.
The brewing years are displayed.
It is natural that bottles of wine has the brewing year But in the case of sake, it has been thought that it is good to eliminate the difference in taste by year as much as possible, by adjusting the brewing process, taking into account the difference in the quality of the rice of the year and the climate when brewing sake.
For this reason, there is almost no custom of specifying the year of brewing on a bottle of sake.
“Sakuya” is a sake that allows you to compare the taste of each year while maintaining a certain level of quality.
We would be very happy if you would enjoy the taste of the first year, “2018”.

The taste gives you a composite impression of a mixture of umami (savory) and bitterness.
If you drink the sake at room temperature or a little warm without cooling, you can feel the sweetness that was hidden before.
Why not try it with seafood stewed dishes or nuts such as almonds and walnuts?

Information of Sake

BlandSakuya 2018 Junmai
(さくや 2018 純米酒)
Rice Organic Hananishiki, Yamato town, Kumamoto Prefecture
(Producer: Keizo Takaoka)
Rice Polished Rate65%
Alcohol content 15%
BreweryTuzyun Sake Brewery (通潤酒造)
Address Yamato town, Kumamoto pref.
TojiHirohisa Fujikawa

Tuzyun Sake Brewery