Asahi, the ingredient rice, is cultivated naturally without using any agricultural chemicals or fertilizers under the guidance of Kimura who succeeded in the natural cultivation of apples for the first time in the world.
“Asahi” rice has been eaten in Okayama Prefecture from ancient times.
The rice used for brewing is polished to 55%.

Not sure if that Asahi is an eating rice is a reason, but it richly tastes the flavor and sweetness of the rice.
The sake has a well-rounded taste and is easy to drink overall.
If you soak dried fruits such as oranges and pineapples in the sake for several hours, you can make a delicious fruit liquor.

Information of Sake

BlandKiseki No Osake (Miracle Sake) Junmai Ginjo Asahi
(奇跡のお酒 純米吟醸 朝日)
RiceNaturally cultivated rice Omachi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
(Producer: NPO Okayama Prefecture Kimura style natural cultivation executive committee)
Rice Polished Rate55%
Alcohol content 14%
BreweryKikuchi Sake Brewing
AddressKurashiki City, Okayama pref.
TojiTou Kikuchi

Kikuchi Sake Brewing