The ginjo is made from the rice of Yamada Nishiki that a farmer of Niwadani in Osaka Prefecture, Masaki Terada, cultivates with no-tilling cultivation method without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
Niwadani is a rice production area from ancient times.
Tanada rice fields (terrace paddy fields) spread in the valley among mountains.
The people who wanted to organically cultivate Yamada Nishiki, the best sake rice, and to make sake of Osaka, gathered at the place, and that gave birth to the sake two years ago.

Junmai Ginjo

The fragrance is modest.
This sake has the characteristic of Yamada Nishiki that has the savory of rice while being refreshing.
When you drink the jummai ginjo after decanting it at room temperature or chilling a little, you can enjoy just the right flavor.


This pure rice liquor is a liquor that has a strong taste of solid rice.
Yamada Nishiki is a rice generally used for sake in the categories of Ginjo Sake, Junmai Ginjo Sake, Daiginjo Sake and Junmai Daiginjo Sake. It can be said that Yamada Nishiki’s 80% pure rice sake is rare.
Please compare it with pure rice ginjo sake.

Information of Sake

RiceOrganic rice Yamada nishiki from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture (Producer:Masaki Terada)
Rice Polished RateJunmai Ginjo 60% , Junmai 80%
Alcohol content 17.5%
SMV Junmai Ginjo 2.8 , Junmai 3.3
Acidity Junmai Ginjo 1.5 , Junmai 1.6
BreweryKitashoji Sake Brewery (北庄司酒造店)
AddressIzumisano City, Osaka pref.
TojiHiroshi Ezaki

Kitashoji Sake Brewery