It is one of the “Natural Sake Series 〇△□” from Yamana Sake Brewery, ” △Ame-sake(sake of Rainy)”.
△Ame-sake(sake of Rainy) is a jummai daiginjo made from Omachi which is popular sake rice. Okayama Prefecture, next to Hyogo Prefecture where Yamana Sake Brewery is located, produces over 90% of the production of Omachi.
The sake has the fragrance and excellent crisp finish which are unique to jummnai daiginjo brewed with low-temperature fermentation.

When you cool and pour it to pottery at room temperature, the taste would become soft.
When you leave the sake on the table for a short time while eating, the taste of the rice become robust, and it won’t lose its presence even with deep flavor dishes.
If you want to enjoy only the sake, try cooling it a little. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy it with food, try decanting.

Information of SAKE

BlandOkutanba Shizenshu △Ame-sake(sake of Rainy) Junmai Daiginjo
(奥丹波 自然酒 △ 雨酒 純米大吟醸)
RiceOrganically cultivated rice Omachi (Producer: Yamazaki Farm) from Okayama Prefecture
Rice Polished Rate50%
Alcohol content 16%
BreweryYamana Shuzo (山名酒造)
AddressTanba City, Hyogo pref.
杜氏Takuo Aoki

Yamana Sake Brewery