“Kame no o”, the cultivation had stopped and said to be a phantom rice
This sake is a jummai made from naturally cultivated “Kame no o” and prepared with kimoto zukuri (ginger making) and a little polishing rice.
Fermentation is carried out carefully in the same way as in the old days.
The way is that goes back to the root of sake.

Two years maturing since brewing makes the sake taste a mellow acid.
The crisp finish that the soft acidity makes gives you a impression that you have never experienced.
Please look for a new combination of the sake and food.

Information of Sake

BlandOkutanba Kioke Kimoto
(奥丹波 木桶生もと)
Rice Naturally cultivated rice Kame no o (Producer: Mitsunobu Ota) from Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture
Rice Polished Rate80%
Alcohol content 16%
BreweryYamana Shuzo (山名酒造)
AddressTanba City, Hyogo pref.
杜氏Takuo Aoki

Yamana Sake Brewery